About Us

The word “Reunion” derived from the Chinese Virtue of being together, Reunion translates to 團圓. In Chinese words “團tuán means together 圓yuán means round, when the two words matching, The true meaning of the word itself complete as a unified whole. Togetherness is a hugely important aspects of life. It unites us, given us security and much-needed support.

Our group is a melting pot of culture, and many of our family members/ business partners who initially immigrated or working abroad have chosen to come back to Penang to establish their own business and carry on with their family business. We inherited a set of values and beliefs and encourage these virtues to be pass on to generations, to be still intact in modern society we live in.

Here at Reunion, whether it’s family reunion vacation, friendship reunion or reunion with your loved ones. It is a time worth to remember, a time to laugh,a time to share old stories and make new one. A reunion is to strengthen the bond and reminds us of the gift of belongings.

A chance to share our history, a reason to celebrate our past, a time to welcome our future.

Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Gather here, Reunite here, Create memories here, all at Reunion.